The Ultimate Guide to Handling Objections from CINC Buyer Leads

Ironically, CINC real estate buyer leads can be incredibly creative in coming up with reasons NOT to buy a home! As the famous saying goes, "buyers are liars". The very best real estate agents can turn almost any NO from a buyer into a YES. So how do they do it? And more importantly, what can you do to turn more NOs into YESs?

We spent last month interviewing 24 of our best performing real estate teams that use CINC to generate leads to learn about how they overcome common buyer objections.

We condensed our learnings into this simple guide to help other CINC users everywhere apply the same principles to overcome buyer objections and convert more leads. In this guide, you will learn:

  • Four major categories all buyer objections fall into
  • Eleven major objections that fall into each of the four categories
  • Sample questions and strategies to handle each type of objection
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