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Overview of Commissions inc’ (CINC) Communication Features

By / July 08, 2020

Curious about the communication tools and features of Commissions inc (CINC)? Read this post to get a detailed view on CINC's communication features.

We have seen the depth and breadth of lead management features of Commissions inc (CINC) in our last post and we can agree that they are very comprehensive and effective in managing your real estate leads. However, managing leads is only the first step in the customer management process. Conversion in Real estate thrives on speed to lead and this is where the communication feature of your CRM comes into play. 

Similar to lead management, CINC provides a long list of communication features allowing you to send emails, calls and text leads in order to qualify and convert them. A set of effective communication features and tools is important to capitalize on what you have already achieved with your lead management capabilities. 

CINC’s communication suite is made up of email tools to run drip campaigns, create email templates, text leads, and make calls. Let’s look at these features in details 

General Communication Features
DISC Drip Campaigns by CINC
CINC Deliverability Optimizer
Calling leads using CINC

General Communication Features

Email a list of properties to the lead. CINC allows you to send suggestions in a preformatted emailer. Properties that are sent to the leads are selected contextually based on their saved search queries that ensure the highest possible CTR. 

Include video in the email. CINC integrates with bomb bomb and that brings the power to market your services using embedded videos within emails. Videos are a great and economical way to demonstrate the property making this feature highly useful. 

Custom email and text template. CINC allows you to create custom email templates that you can send to a group of contacts that you can select from your labels or segments. 

Calendar and Gmail. Everybody uses Calendar and Gmail and CINC integrates with both of them to make your job very easy. Gmail helps you send important emails using your Gmail account while using your CINC email simultaneously. 

Private Events. The private event calendar allows blocking time for non lead activities and prevents booking any lead related activity when the agent is not available. 

Chat with leads. Chatting has become one of the biggest sales drivers these days and CINC has got you covered on that. You can send direct messages via chat to your lead as soon as they come online. Chatting helps you gain insights and change the follow up plan in real time. 

Texting and mass SMS. SMS has emerged as an awesome medium to contact your lead as they have very high open rates. In fact, our system is based entirely on the idea of high open rates for text messages. If you are using CINC to manage your leads, you get the option to follow up on your leads using texts and SMS. You can also send bulk messages to run an SMS blast campaign or simply follow up with leads.     

Dynamic Tags. Dynamic tags allow agents to personalize mass messages and templates to be sent to a large number of recipients.

DISC Drip Campaigns by CINC

DISC drip campaign is a unique and highly effective feature that allows you to create your drip campaign with respect to the personality type of the lead. The type of behavior exhibited by the lead decides the follow up messages that must be sent to the leads.

CINC defines the 4 personalities of leads as follows:

  • D = Smoking hot home deals and distressed properties
  • I = Beautiful homes in popular communities
  • S = Top rated school districts in safe neighborhoods
  • C = Comprehensive and detailed reports of any specific districts

D and C type personalities have higher chances of conversion than the S or I type personalities on an average. It is because they are a lot further into the real estate timeline. 

While the D type wants a good deal and wants it soon, the C type wants to know as much as possible about their favorite properties. They put a lot of time into researching because they really want to buy a property. 

One of the best CINC features when it comes to drip campaigns is the ability to segregate leads by labels. You can create labels with respect to the personality types of the leads and then send them the relevant email. 

The CINC system will follow up with your leads for a duration of 15-17 days through emails and texts. However, this is not enough. You need a system for extended followup up to 60 days. One of the key things about real estate transactions is their high transaction value. Buyers take time to make up their mind before they buy their dream house. The follow up must be consistent and noninvasive which makes the hallmark of an effective lead conversion platform

CINC Deliverability Optimizer

A lot of emails are sent using CINC every day. This is why it becomes important to have some sort of system that could prevent your emails from being marked as spam to ensure a high delivery rate. This is what the CINC deliverability optimizer does with your email marketing campaigns.

High deliverability rate. The deliverability optimizer looks into the quality of the sent mail as well as emails that are queued up for sending. In the case of bad content, spammy links, or abnormal delivery rates, the system kicks in and takes necessary action. 

Prevents Spam. Email service providers are constantly looking for emails that they think could be sending unnecessary or spammy links. It makes you fall into their spam trap. CINC prevents you from falling into one of these spam traps to attain a delivery rate.  

Gives time to prevent spam. CINC gives you something called the email health that shows how you are doing when it comes to following legitimate email practices. In case of an escalation, the CINC system alerts you by marking your email health with one of three colors. Yellow,  Orange, or Red. You can monitor the health to take necessary actions. 

Calling leads using CINC

CINC is a great email marketing tool but it is equally good to make calls as well. CINC comes with two options to make calls. You can either use the VOIP autodialer or the CINC native dialer. 

The VOIP Autodialer. The VOIP autodialer allows you to call your leads using the internet. You do not need a landline phone or smartphone to make calls. All you have to do is to connect your computer to the internet, plug in a headset, and simply call the lead from the lead overview interface. 

VOIP autodialer comes very handy when you want to call hundreds of leads simultaneously. No manual dialing is required. It really helps large broker firms who generate a lot of leads or already have a large number of leads to follow up with. 

The CINC Dialer. The CINC dialer is meant for agents to call leads one at a time. Unlike the VOIP dialer that uses the internet, the CINC dialer allows you to choose between the internet or your cell number while making calls. It also allows you to record audio that you want to be left as a voice message in case your lead does not pick up the call.

The CINC dialer also gives you the ability to connect your number with a system generated number. This is useful when you do not want your number to appear while appearing as a legit phone number at the same time. 

The CINC dialer also provides a brief, but very useful dialer history that helps you track important metrics such as the number of leads who picked up the phone leads that spoke more than a minute received voice messages, and much more.

We can conclude that CINC’s communication features are comprehensive, robust, and useful. An ability to send highly targeted drip email makes the system highly effective in personalizing your follow up strategy. Along with that, an ability to prevent spam traps only makes the system more dependable. CINC also gives you advanced dialing features complemented by important metrics that make it very easy to track your team's performance over time. 

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