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7 Video Formats For Your Real Estate Video Marketing Strategy

By / October 04, 2021

Are you planning to capitalize on real estate video marketing? If yes, here are 7 video formats you should prioritize to win at real estate marketing.


Ever since the world has moved towards 4g networks and cheaper broadband packs, video consumption has skyrocketed. People watch more videos than ever before and that is already drawing the attention of marketers across industries including real estate. 

We are already seeing agents using Facebook and Instagram live to conduct online open home events and their numbers are only increasing after the pandemic. 

However, videos are not only limited to demonstrate the property alone. There are multiple formats of videos that realtors can create that can increase their social media followers, give a boost in their brand image, help clients complete paperwork without having to meet them physically.  

In this post, we are going to discuss 7 major video formats that have become imperative to real estate marketing. Additionally, we will also tell you about the best use case for each of these formats. 

So further ado, let’s get started.

Social Media Videos

Social media videos for real estate can be made to market just sold, just listed events. Every time a property is listed or sold, a quick video can be made with some quick clippings showcasing the property. While a lot of people might not see them as they are shared, future leads can possibly visit your social accounts. This is when these videos can positively impact the leads and make them sign you as their agent.

Customer Testimonial Videos   

Customer Testimonials have become a strong trust signal that buyers and sellers often look for while browsing through your website or other online content. This is why always ask your customers if they would be interested in shooting a testimonial video. 

You can shoot a testimonial video by simply asking your client to record themselves using their iPhones. These videos won’t come out great but nonetheless, they will get your job done. However, if you wish to shoot a professional video, it is going to go further into giving a better brand perception to your leads who might appreciate your love for quality. 

Property Video Tour

Property Video Tours have always been popular and that has not changed. People love to get a glimpse of their future property through videos as it gives them a better perspective as compared to pictures. Property video tours should ideally be done with professional help. An amateur property video will look bad and also harm your reputation. 

Neighborhood Video Tour

The neighborhood is an important factor that influences the purchase decision. Every buyer wants to know about the neighborhood they are moving in. A neighborhood may be the biggest selling factor as it may come to define their identity. These videos show the life and activity in the neighborhood in detail. If done by a professional, they can look awesome.

This is when a well presented and edited neighborhood video tour will go a long way to persuade your customers to go for a certain property and leave another. Neighborhood video tours serve as an important marketing tool for mid funnel leads to pushing them further into the sales funnel. 

Drone Video Tour 

Drone footage is the best option to create a profile video of a property. These videos can easily show the property from the perspective of the neighborhood it is nested in. One of the best things about a drone video tour is it allows you to wrap a neighborhood video and property tour in a single video.

Drone gives the best idea and approximation to the buyer on what to expect when it comes to their property and neighborhood. Additionally, the fact that drone videos have become a lot cheaper to produce only makes them even more attractive for agents. 

Realtor Profile Videos

Realtor profile videos are great for branding and this is why they better be done by professionals. A realtor profile video gives a brief overview of your profile, achievements, and affiliations. You can put a profile video on the about me page of your website. You can also give a link to this video in the buyer/seller pre listing package. 

Contract Walkthroughs

Contract walkthroughs or property contract walkthroughs are sorts of explainer videos that elaborates the different part of the final contract. You can also make similar videos of other important documents in the closing process such as the ALTA settlement statement, Seller’s net sheet, and more. The closing process always needs some form of direct guidance and these videos can go a long way in educating the leads and cut some burden off your shoulders too. 

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