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Always Start With Two ISAs Instead of One

By / September 13, 2018

Thinking about hiring your first ISA to help you convert your leads better? Save yourself a lot of trouble and hire two instead.

A competent Inside Sales Agent (ISA) can help you schedule more appointments, win more listings, and ultimately earn more commission dollars. In addition, an ISA can help free up time for you and your agents so to focus on core revenue generating tasks -- showings, negotiating, and hosting open houses. However, if you are going to hire an ISA, don't make the mistake of hiring just ONE.

One ISA won't be able to get to all your leads

We  conducted a recent study of over a 100,000 real estate leads and found that only 45% of real estate leads are generated within the business hours of 8 am to 5 pm. Most people barely have time to look at homes during regular work hours, but this is also the time when most ISAs typically deal with leads.

While 55% of leads are generated after business hours when most people are home, we also found that 30% of leads come in during the weekend. Unless your ISA works nights and weekends, you simply won't be able to get enough coverage to realize meaningful conversion on your leads.

To cover 80% of your leads you need an ISA that is okay working evenings and nights and another working weekends.

Hiring Two ISAs Helps You Learn

Engaging and chasing leads is a hard enough job for any agent, but finding and training someone to do it for you effectively can be a daunting task. The ideal ISA is someone who is motivated, has great communication skills, strong work ethic, and ultimately a good personality and cultural fit for the type of team or brokerage you want to build.

If you're hiring an ISA for the first time, it may take your several months to find out if he/she is working out or not. Especially if you don't have a benchmark to compare him/her against. If you're looking to hire one, just go ahead and hire two (ideally with different personalities) so you can learn faster.

This learning will help you quickly try out different lead engagement ideas and figure out the ideal ISA personality type for your leads. Hopefully, after the first few weeks, you will have a much more solidified lead conversion process and a better understanding of the type of reps you need to hire in the future.

Healthy Competition Helps You Convert Better

Nobody is excited by the prospect of calling strangers in an attempt to qualify or sell them on your services. But it is more fun when there is another person next to you doing the same thing!

Hiring two ISAs helps you create healthy competition between your reps which is good. They will be more creative in engaging your leads, share knowledge between each other on what's working and what's not, and ultimately help you boost your lead conversion rates.


Hiring your first ISA is a big step, congrats on getting here! At this point you are SO busy that you see the value in bringing someone else onto your team. If you are walking down this path for the first time and you don't have much room for missteps, go ahead and hire two ISAs instead of one to maximize your chances of success.

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