Supported Lead Sources
Send in your leads
Aiva can accept your leads from over 200 approved real estate lead sources
  • Over 200 real estate lead sources supported out of the box
  • Automatically copy your custom Aiva email address on your incoming lead notifications to send leads in
  • Easily turn on and off lead sources at any time, setup takes just minutes
  • Supports real estate buyers, sellers, renters, and IDX leads
  • Customize scripts based on lead source and lead type
Long Term Follow Up
Better conversion with Smart Follow Up
Aiva can double your contact rates by following up with your leads consistently for 1 year
  • Aiva makes 20 touchpoints over 1 year across various times of day when leads are more likely to respond
  • Leads that reply are instantly matched with one of our human concierges for immediate qualification
  • Aiva can follow up with your leads via text message, email, calls*, and voicemails*
  • Fully customize message copy, frequency, and schedule to match your style and market
* Voicemails and calling are an optional add-on
Instant Notifications
Receive Alerts wherever you are
Get notified in real time as soon as a lead is qualified by email, text, and push notification!
  • Instantly act on hot leads as soon as they come in to maximize lead conversion
  • Customize which notifications you want to receive across your devices
  • Need your lender or team member to be alerted as well? No problem!
  • Complete integration with Zapier lets you further customize Aiva to match your workflow
Real Time Activity Sync
Keep lead activity organized
Aiva automatically syncs all activity into your CRM to help you and your team stay organized
  • Real time sync for all activity including text message, emails, and voicemail
  • Full conversations transcripts are logged automatically once leads are qualified
  • Support for tagging or marking qualified leads as HOT for some systems
  • Use multiple systems? Connect them all to keep Aiva's activity sync-ed across all systems
Conversion Reports
Aiva conversion reports help you figure out how well each of your lead sources is working
  • Measure how many leads Aiva is able to contact and engage for you
  • Measure and track your lead qualification rates by lead source to see which sources are working
  • Filter by date range, lead source, lead type to see how they affect your conversion numbers
  • Visualize your lead funnel at any time to identify bottlenecks
Team Features
Part of Your Team
Aiva takes the stress out of lead contact and follow up for your entire team
  • Respects your CRM assignment rules
    Your leads can automatically be assigned to the right team member based on your CRM's assignment rules
  • Works with your ISA
    Have an Inside Sales Agent or Team? No problem! Your team can pick up the conversation once Aiva has qualified a lead or takeover at any time
  • Centralized reporting and dashboard
    Team owners can access the entire team's leads, chats, and analytics in one central place
Mobile App
All your leads in your pocket
Access and search all your leads and conversations, receive hot lead alerts in real time, and do it all while you're on the go!
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