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A Comprehensive Review of KW Command

By / October 05, 2020

Thinking about signing up for KW Command to manage your real estate leads. Make sure you read this post before you decide to do so.


Keller Williams Command or KW Command, as it is popularly known, is a feature rich real estate Software. Real estate agents spend a lot of time, money, and efforts to run their businesses successfully, and KW command helps them do that with its comprehensive list of features.  

We have been fortunate enough to interact with a number of KW Command customers to seek their opinion on the suite and its effectiveness in running a real estate business for an agent or a broker. Based on our primary findings, It won’t be incorrect to say that KW Command is a popular lead management/CRM platform among others such as Follow up boss, Cinc, Real Geeks, and Boomtown.

Table of Contents

What is KW Command?
Real Estate Website Features by KW Command
Lead Management Features of KW Command
Communication Features
Marketing and Campaign Management Features by KW Command
Pros and Cons of KW Command

This post will give you a detailed account of all the features provided by the tool and their ability to run the show for an agent. If you are thinking of signing up for KW Command and wondering about the system’s abilities to get the job done, this post is going to be useful for you. So without further ado, let’s get started. 

What is KW Command?

KW command is a software suite that helps real estate agents to manage, nurture, and convert real estate leads into customers. 

Overall, KW Command helps agents with lead management, marketing automation, track leads through the sales pipeline/funnel, create websites, and help set up and run social media campaigns for their real estate business without much hassle. 

Real Estate Website Features of KW Command

KW Command provides a host of website features that allow you to create landing pages, track website performance, and much more.  

MLS Integration. KW Command integrates with multiple MLSs that allow you to track user activity within your MLS account. You can get to see user attribution for all your leads to evaluate their behavior and create relevant marketing campaigns. 

Landing Page. You can create landing pages quite easily with KW Command. The platform allows you to drag and drop sections within its website builder to create landing pages within a short span of time. Additionally, you can also create testimonial pages in a similar fashion. 

KW Command allows you to customize your site URL and the freedom to choose custom domains. This is why KW sites can be easily optimized for SEO benefits. 

Create Customer Guides. The system allows you to create multiple types of customer guides with a few clicks. Customer guides can be sent to targeted leads as marketing or lead qualification campaigns. 

Integration with Google Analytics and Facebook. KW Command integrates with Google Analytics and Facebook. You can access insights for website traffic and Facebook ad performance within KW Command. 

Appointments. As agents, you know that appointments are super important. KW Command allows you to set appointments within the system using Google Calendar.

Lead Management Features of KW Command

KW Command comes with all the necessary tools to manage leads that include adding and exporting leads, creating lead pipelines, lead segmentation and much more.

Adding Leads. You can add leads with multiple details such as phone, email, address, relationship, professional details, and other custom fields. You can also add notes and define activity for your leads. Additionally, You can segment the lead using tags.

Export leads. Exporting leads from KW Command is very easy. Select the leads in bulk and export the file as CSVs.  

Saved Searches. Create saved searches according to location, price, keywords searched by leads, lead type, and multiple other factors. Send notification Emails for saved searches in the frequency you desire.  

Lead Pipelines. KW Command allows you to create 3 separate lead pipelines. These are ‘Listings”, “buyers” and “leases”. You can add desired stages to all the 3 pipelines that come as default in the KW Command system. 3 separate lead pipelines allow you to qualify and convert all types of leads with the help of right marketing tactics and lead qualification.

Opportunities. Leads that have all the attributes listed against them such as property location, owner, buyer, commission rate, etc., are called opportunities. Opportunities belong to a particular stage of any of the 3 pipelines. You can drag an opportunity from one stage to another in the funnel. You can also add a listing and archive an opportunity.  

Tags, Filters, and Smartviews. You can manage your contacts and opportunities using tags in KW Command. Create new tags according to the lead location, price bracket, or type. You can also set custom tags in Command that can be identified by their unique colors.   

Additionally, you can use filters to segment leads/opportunities in the system. You can filter by opportunity type, phase, owner, close date, and much more. 

KW Command also allows you to create smartviews which is nothing but a list of frequently used filters. All you need to do is to apply a smartview to a list of leads and all the filters apply at once. 

Make Offers. Offers are nothing but proposals sent to leads, comparing two or more properties. There is also a section for agents to share their opinion on the offer and make your customer transact. 

Access Customer Progress with Customer Guide. It is necessary to track your leads and KW Command allows you to do that with the hello of the customer guide. 

The Customer guide is useful to understand the lead behavior and make necessary changes to segment them or create marketing campaigns. 

Document Management. While document management does not directly fall under lead management, it plays a vital role in lead segmentation in a digital process. KW Command features a DocuSign integration that allows you to archive documents for leads. 

Database Activity Score. This metric is a part of reporting features provided by KW Command. It shows the percentage of leads that you have reached out to in the past few months.

Database Health. Shows the health of the database based on the total information available for leads. 

Communication Features of KW Command

There are plenty of communications features provided by the company. You can send Emails, Call and send texts as well. There’s also an app to make things simpler and easier.  

Automated Email Campaigns. KW Command allows you to configure Email campaigns accordingly to attract buyers, talent, listings, advertise listings, and boost brand and event awareness. The system will mask your Email with a custom Email ID to protect your privacy. 

You can select from a list of templates and then schedule the Emails to be sent on a specific day and time. KW Command also allows you to run newsletter campaigns.

Texting. You can send event based texts with KW Command. The system integrates with Twilio to send these text messages to your desired list of contacts. You can send custom text messages to multiple contacts at the same time. Charges are applied based on the number of contacts you have messaged. 

Dialer. The KW Command dialer comes with basic functionalities to get the job done. You need applications such as Facetime, Dialpad, and others to make calls from KW Command. Calls can be made by clicking on the number saved and then choosing the desired app to make the call. 

There is no option to perform speed dialing or create lists for calls. However, You can add notes and create a call timeline for individual leads to review their activity. 

The KW App. The KW app is meant for KW customers that allows the agent and consumer to connect and initiate conversations. Leads can save searches, properties, and perform a lot of other actions within the app for a great experience. Agents can use these insights and streamline their marketing efforts to boost their conversion rates.  

Marketing and Campaign Management Features of KW Command

There are plenty of marketing features and campaign management tools in KW Command that can automate your lead qualification prioritization, help you create social media campaigns, and much more.  

SmartPlans. With smartplans you can nurture leads with different frequencies of touches and steps. KW Command comes with a smartplan library that you can easily download and start qualifying your leads. You can also edit a smartplan and add leads if you want to. 

The system also allows you to create your own smartplan with a set of 7 actions. These are “create task”, “make a call”, “send email”, “send SMS”, “set delay”, “add to smartplan” and “restart flow”. You can select any number of these steps in a particular sequence that you intend the action to run. 

Smartplans is one of the most powerful marketing automation tools provided by KW Command which can potentially get a lot done if configured with the right strategy in mind. 

Marketing Design. KW Command allows you to create marketing design for Email, social media, and postcards. You can access the design editor and to create these designs. If you already have a template and want to use it for your next marketing design, you can import it as a PDF and implement it within the design. 

You can also create listing presentations for buyers and listings. Additionally, you can also edit email templates in the editor as you wish. 

Create Social Media Campaigns using Command. With KW Command, you can create social media ads for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. You can also save a social campaign by duplicating and archiving it. 

One of the notable features here is the ability to add up to 5 listings in an ad enabling you to showcase multiple properties in a single ad.

Social ads with videos for listings. Like other CRMs, KW also allows you to create social video ads for listings. The KW system allows you to configure ad targeting, destination, duration, and budget of all social media campaigns as well. 

Direct Mail Postcard Campaign. You can create direct postcard campaigns from KW Command. If you have the lead’s address, you can send them postcards from the system. You can select leads in bulk and apply the same action to send them postcards.  


Integrations give a complete perspective about the width and depth of possibilities it can bring for the real estate agent. KW Command features a long list of features that enable agents to simplify their workflow by a great degree. Let’s take a look at all the features  

Follow up boss. Followup Boss has a significant user base and the integration with KW command makes it really easy for follow up boss users to make use of KW Command features. 

Boomtown. Boomtown is a popular real estate CRM with a large user base. With this integration, you can import leads to Boomtown and run desirable actions of your choice.  

Real Geeks. KW Command also integrates with Real Geeks. You can make use of all Real Geeks features to qualify your leads.

Cinc. Cinc is one of the most feature rich CRM that can get a lot done when it comes to lead management and routing. KW Command integration allows users to import leads into Cinc and vice versa. 

Brivity. Brivity is a real estate suite that allows us to build websites, manage leads, run campaigns, and much more. If you are a Brivity user, you can easily connect it with KW Command and import your leads. 

Top Producer. Top Producer is a lean and price effective real estate CRM. With the KW Command and Top Producer integration, it is easy to use Top Producer features.  

Hireaiva. Hireaiva is a lead conversion platform that filters bad leads and only sends the ones that are transaction ready. All KW Command leads will show up in Hireaiva and can be qualified instantly.  

Docusign. The DocuSign and KW Command integration allows you to store documents within KW Command and apply electronic signatures with ease. 

Dotloop. KW Command features an integration with Dotloop that allows you to download documents from your Dotloop account. 

Facebook Ads. You can create Facebook ads within KW Command with the help of this integration. 

MailChimp. The Mailchimp KW Command integration allows you to set up automated marketing campaigns and send emails from KW Command interface. 

 PieSync. PieSync can fetch leads from all platforms and bring them to once place. This integration helps you bring all leads to KW Command and run your desired action. 

Twilio. Twilio is a SaaS based system that sends automated texts and emails to your leads. The Twilio integration enables you to send text messages to qualify leads from KW Command interface.  

Pros and Cons of KW Command


  • Easy website creation with drag and drop features 
  • Effective segmentation using Smartplans
  • Effective contact management using Piesync
  • Effective automation with Smartplans
  • Comprehensive features to create and run social ads for listings
  • Electronic signatures cut down conversion time
  • Consumer guides are helpful to track consumer progress and push them towards conversion


  • A limit of 5000 emails could be less for many agents
  • Lead management features do not emphasize on lead routing

While the KW Command system might lack a few features here and there, the system has all the essential features to run the show by itself. We hope you found this review helpful to evaluate the system. 

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