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10 Open House Ideas to Get Leads in 2021

By / July 29, 2021

Do you want to boost the sale value of your home by throwing an awesome open house event? Here are 10 kickass open house ideas to showcase your property at its best and attract potential buyers.


Selling your house for the right price could be a challenging, but rewarding experience. Before you even begin, it is necessary to get over with the repairs, renovations, HOA payments, and taxes for your listing agent to be able to list the property and attract potential buyers. 

While all this prep lays the groundwork for sale, conversions actually happen during the Open house event. Open houses allow potential buyers to check out the property in all its glory and see how much it matches their aspired lifestyle. Without second thoughts, your open house event should be awesome that leaves the visitors with a memorable experience. 

In this post, we will list a total of 10 open house ideas to help you create a mindblowing experience and attract as many buyer leads as possible.   

So without further ado, let's begin. 

Live Streaming

With an ever increasing internet bandwidth, live streaming is now normative to broadcast live events as they happen. Real estate is no different. Many agents have been increasingly using live streaming on Facebook and Instagram to conduct open houses.

Live streaming allows you to attract a wider audience and is also popular with young renters. Give a heads up to potential customers well in advance and also send them the link to join the event live.  

Leverage Instagram

Instagram albums and stories are great to promote your open house event. Post video snippets into your Instagram stories with a swipe up option to register and show up for the event.

If you want to conduct a virtual open house instead, use the live feature option from Instagram. You can later use this video to post on stories and Facebook to attract relevant prospects. 

Use Digital Sign in

Digital sign in is a great way to collect buyer information without having to run around and manage a heap of paperwork. It also allows you to appear more tech savvy and elevate your personal brand. There are multiple apps available to create digital forms, store the information, and retrieve them later. It is much easier to track your list of prospects if you start digitally. 

Go Local Digitally

Search engines and social media these days are highly contextual which allows local ads to drive an insane amount of visibility for a target locality. It is most likely that buyers in the neighborhood would discover your ad for local searches on Google or Local ads on Facebook.

It is also best to post your open house event in Facebook groups to reach potential buyers for free. 

Use RVMs

Ringless Voicemails are hot in the real estate market right now. More and more agents are using them due to the fact that they are non intrusive, have very high open rates, and cost effective.

Sly Broadcast is one of the best RVM apps that you can download from the app store and get started in no time. However, before you get started make sure you have the right strategy for sending those RVM messages.  

Decorate for Holidays

Holiday themed decorations are very common and many agents use them from time to time

Getting festive for an upcoming holiday or even just seasonal decorations is a thoughtful touch that visitors will likely remember. Beach themed prep in the summer, Christmas lights in the winter, or a couple of pumpkins and colorful leaves in the fall allow your visitors to picture how it could feel living in the property in different seasons. 

Branded Information Pack

One of the ways to showcase your property is through branded information packs. Visitors get a good overview of the property, its features, and other aspects that allow them to visualize living in the location. You can also go a step further to highlight other amenities that top their priority lists such as schools, parks, gyms, movies, and much more to give them a complete picture. 

Partner with Local Shops

Who does not like the smell of freshly baked cookies or brewing coffee? Everyone does, and so do your visitors. Ask your agent to partner with a local bakery and have these items in the house during the event. Bottom line is, Everyone, likes free food, and cookies and coffee are time tested favorites. 

Additionally, you can also host a popup shop. Invite a local house decor showroom, clothing store, or lifestyle boutique to display their latest lines at the event.

A unique shopping experience encourages potential buyers to attend your open house and check it out. Work with each shop to determine discounts for guests and the percentage of sales to be used to offset event costs.

Conduct a Raffle

Like free food free stuff also go a long way with potential buyers to give their details and have a look at the property. Give raffle mock tickets in exchange for their information and contact details.

However, be mindful of the expenses you incur. Your goal is to get as many leads and touch as many people as possible. This is why it is best to offer shopping vouchers and movie tickets. Many visitors may prefer vouchers for online shopping on Amazon or Macy. 

Call your Neighbors

It is a great idea to call your neighbors to the open house event. Neighbors can engage with the attendees and help them with their queries about the neighborhood, schools, and other amenities.

Neighbors can also help you bring more attendees to the open house who might be looking out for a new house. This is why it is always best to inform them well in advance so that they can refer prospects. 

If you are planning to sell your home, an open house done right can leave you with multiple offers. You can choose the best offer for maximum sale value. We hope you found these insights valuable. Wish you a happy selling experience.  

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