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Does Speed To Lead Really Matter?

By / July 05, 2021

If you’re generating leads online, speed to lead is going to make or break your ROI. But what does it actually mean for your business and what’s the best way to integrate it into your business?


Speed to lead, you read and hear about it almost everywhere. Lead generation blogs, real estate coaching sessions, real estate conferences, real estate agent Facebook groups, this buzzword can be heard everywhere. But what does it REALLY mean for your business and most importantly affect your revenues?

Most realtors set up auto-text campaigns these days and wait for the leads to roll in. Voila! 

When a real estate lead is looking to buy a potential home or to list their home, they sign up on a couple of different websites; each of which sends them an automated message, email, phone call, you name it. Leads get overwhelmed by these messages bombarded at them.

Since everyone is reliant on autoresponder messages, how do you stand out? How do you make the person want to engage with you, and not simply chase them down unlike everyone else?

There are a few ways to do speed to lead the right way:

Run Rigorous Campaigns

Run outreach campaigns that are rigorous, but not overly aggressive. It is extremely important to follow up with leads in a way that is persistent and helpful. Calling 5 times in a row or texting more than twice in a single day are sure-shot ways of eliminating your chances.

Take a service-minded and helpful approach when you word your follow up messages. If you were in the lead’s shoes, what would you find helpful? Remember, service over sales.

Continuously Follow Up

Continuous follow up is key, especially if there is no response from a lead in a couple of weeks. You should continue to follow up bi-weekly for the next 2-3 months. Our research shows that leads need at least 90 days of continuous follow up to respond.

After the initial text and call bombardment, some leads get overwhelmed and go silent. However, there is a good chance they respond to a consistent but less aggressive approach over time as their timeline to make the purchase decision gets closer.

Speed to Response is Better than Speed to Lead

Speed to response is the real hidden gem. It is crazy how this does not get talked about since it is just as crucial, if not more than Speed to Lead is.

Speed to response is how quickly you respond to a lead once they finally engage your follow up sequence.


You have to be quick to respond. People’s attention spans are quite short these days. Whenever they are actively thinking about their real estate needs and send over that curt response, you have to be ready. If you are not available when they are in the right headspace, they’ll engage with someone else that is, and seek answers there.

Achieving Speed To Response

The problem is that not every lead that responds to your outreach is a good lead, there is still some work to be done to figure out what the person is looking for before they’re even worth your time. That’s where Aiva comes in.

To do all of the above is not easy. You have to be dedicated, rigorous and have awareness of the type of messages that are being sent. Additionally, you must also time them properly, and most importantly, be available as soon as someone responds. 

In real estate, your ability to allocate your time directly determines your success. It Is okay not to have the time to follow up, as long as it means you are out building relationships and helping people to learn in order to bring them closer to a sale. That is when you should hire a professional company to ensure your sales pipeline is running smoothly with adequate speed to respond and follow up efforts while you are busy growing your business.

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