How to Jumpstart your 2021 Real Estate Pipeline During This Holiday Season

By / November 27, 2020

Are you planning to start off 2021 with high number of lead conversions? If yes, then you need to start right now. Read this post on why generate leads during  holidays and where to find the best ones.


As soon as we step into mid november, realtors often think of the golden question: how to best invest during the holiday season? It is an obvious question since this is one of the best times to generate real estate leads and start building relationships.

While realtors start generating leads in the festive season, they should not expect these leads to transact right away. Buyers take 3-6 months to finally ink the deal. This is why advertising during the holidays is a great way to position yourself when buyers are finally ready to take the final call and pay.

In this post, we will look further into the reasons on why holidays should be used for lead generation and what platforms to focus on for generating leads.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

Why Should You Generate Real Estate Leads During the Holidays?

There are three reasons to generate leads during the holiday season. These are:

  • You want to know who they are, their persona, before sending them marketing messages or emails. 
  • You already want to be a part of their lives before they make one of the biggest decisions as the year begins. 
  • You need time to build trust with leads acquired from online sources. The holiday season gives you the perfect opportunity before the market gets competitive. 


What 2021 will Look Like for Real Estate Deals?

This year is very special because of the slow spring. A lot of folks are waiting to list their home early next year, with a lot of experts predicting the beginning of 2021 to be one of the busiest times ahead. 

The start of 2021 will be very busy, and in order to maximize your conversion and stay ahead of your competition, you need to get a head start -- having a 24/7 solution to help with the lead followup and qualification will be key as you’re busy showing houses and closing deals!

A lot of agents will try to cut costs and enjoy the holidays while the transaction volume slows down. If you decide to do the same, other agents will move fast, develop new relationships and end up capturing the prospects for early next year.

Where Should You Generate Real Estate Leads?

Based on our experience most leads acquired from real estate portals convert within a couple of months. Leads from Google ads are second best, taking anywhere between 3-6 months to convert while leads captured from social media take more than 6 months in most cases. 

Here are some ideas on where to advertise during this time:

Source Quality Cost Cost per Lead Time to Convert
Social: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube Low Low $1-10 ~6 months+
Web: Google, Bing Medium Medium $8-30 3-6 months
Portal: Zillow, Realtor High High $25-200 1-4 months


We recommend focusing on Google or Pay-Per-Click (PPC) real estate leads at this time as it is the most balanced lead source for lead quality vs. cost.

The most successful teams spend each holiday season setting themselves up for success for the upcoming year. Market conditions this year are quite unique. If you have a healthy sales pipeline that you start building now, as well as a solid system for lead followup going into the beginning of the year, you will be able to maximize your conversion and revenue for 2021.


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