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Four essential phone scripts every real estate agent should have

By / February 02, 2021

Do you have the right phone scripts to qualify your leads? Here is a list of 4 essential phone scripts that every real estate agent should have.


Phone scripts are essential for a majority of real estate agents to qualify leads. In fact, a lot of agents say that calling is the best way to follow up with real estate leads as it creates an instant connection.

While calling may be the most popular option to follow up with real estate leads, you need to make sure once you get on the call, you can confidently convert the lead. This is where real estate phone scripts come in.

All successful real estate agents and team share one theme in common: they all have solid phone scripts they use to train their agents. We’ve even come across phone scripts from our customers that go as far as documenting detailed responses to handle every possible objection agents can face while conversing with a lead!

Successful real estate agents like Mitch Ribak and Tom Ferry often say that it is not what you say, but HOW you say it that makes the difference. This is especially relevant to calling real estate leads who have no idea who you are, they can only hear your voice!

Your conversion outcomes can vary quite significantly based on what tone you take in your conversations. Hence, having the right script in place will arm you with the confidence you need to focus on HOW you say things instead of what to say.

In this blog post, we put together common phone scripts for qualifying real estate leads that we feel every agent must pin to their walls!

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The Voicemail Script

If you have been calling real estate leads, you know that getting a lead on the phone is quite the challenge! In fact, our data shows that over 74.5% of calls to real estate leads go straight to voicemail so you better have a solid voicemail script in place because you’ll be leaving a lot of them!

To have a decent chance of receiving a call back from your lead, your approach should focus on generating curiosity.

Hi Sarah. This is Jared. I received a request from you about 123 Elm St, a 3 bed, 2 bath property listed on Zillow. Looks like you have put your hands on a hot property as we get a lot of requests for that house. I have some important information about the property you should know about.

Give me a ring at 555-555-5555 at your convenience. Looking forward to talking to you. Have an awesome day!

In conjunction with calling, you should also be texting your real estate leads to qualify and convert them. These days leads would much rather receive a text from a stranger than a call.

Buyer Lead Script

The first time a buyer picks up the phone, it is always better to get down to the essentials without being pushy. Try to gather information about their home search process first so you can quickly qualify where they are in the process, before sharing additional details about the property.

What should you focus on?

  1. Get them off their guard by mentioning the specific property details they inquired about
  2. Ask if they’re already working with an agent
  3. Learn about their requirements on location, price, budget, timeline, etc.
  4. Figure out where they are in the home buyer’s journey to purchase
  5. Share information about the property they inquired about and schedule a showing or consultation as appropriate


Buyer: Hello?

Agent: Hello Sarah I see that you have dropped in an inquiry to be contacted about 123 Elm St. I wanted to share some information about the property, but had a couple quick questions first

Buyer: Oh okay, sure

Agent: Before I proceed, I wanted to ask you are you already working with an agent?

Buyer: No not yet

Agent: Ok great! Is this property located in your ideal area?

Buyer: Yes

Agent: Sounds good, and are you comfortable with the price point of this property?

Buyer: Umm … I think so, we still need to run our budgets

Agent:  Awesome! Ok, last question from me here, have you spoken to a lender yet?

Buyer: No

Agent: No problem! We can get you connected with our preferred lender.


Seller Lead Script

Sellers are different from buyers in their motivations and require a different approach to follow up.

What should you focus on?

  1. Recent renovations to the home that could increase or affect the valuation?
  2. Find out whether they want the valuation to sell or for another reason
  3. Find out how soon they want to sell (selling timeline)
  4. What price bracket do they want to sell their home within?
  5. Do they have any questions about the home valuation process?


Seller: Hello?

Agent: Hello Sarah, I see that you inquired about a home valuation your home located at 123 Elm St. I had a couple clarifications I wanted to ask here so I thought I’d reach out?

Seller: Oh yes, Sure go ahead.

Agent: And have there been any updates to your home that could potentially change its market value?

Seller: None as far as I know

Agent:  Got it. Was the square footage on Zillow accurate with your measure?

Seller: Yes, we measured 2,125 sqft of living space and 4,800 sqft for the property

Agent: Got it, by when you are you looking to sell your home? Do you have a timeline in mind?

Seller: Umm.. maybe in 4-5 months by the end of this fall.

Agent: That sounds great. Ok, Sarah one last question, What is the price range you are expecting from your property.

Seller: Around 185k to 200k.

Agent: Perfect Sarah! I will get to work on all of this for you. Are you free to chat on Wednesday around 2p?

Seller: Sure!

Agent: Great! Speak then

Scripts for Website Signups and Facebook Lead Ads

Leads acquired through online and social channels tend to be a little bit early in the buying process so your scripts should focus on qualifying right away to decide how serious they area.

What should you focus on?

  1. Is the lead relevant and serious about buying?
  2. What type of listings they are looking for?
  3. What is their timeline? Preferences?
  4. Do they have the cash?

Buyer: Hello?

Agent: Hey Sarah, I am John from ABC reality. I saw you have submitted your inquiry on our website/Facebook ad. May I know what type of homes you are looking for?

Buyer: We are looking for a single family home

Agent: Awesome. I also wanted to know if you have a specific location in mind

Buyer: Yeah, we are looking at something near downtown Chicago

Agent: Cool. And what is the price range that you have in mind?

Buyer: Umm.. Maybe from 250-270k. 300k max.

Agent: Great. That’s a substantial price range. You will get a lot of options for sure. And talking about options, what are the 2-3 features that are important to you?  

Buyer:  We would prefer a duplex with 4-5 beds and independent baths.

Agent: Sounds great. And by when you want to move?

Buyer: Um..   by the end of this summer.

Agent: Ok. And lastly, have you spoken to a lender yet?

Buyer: No.

Agent: Alright. We can introduce you to some local ones who are great at their jobs.

Buyer: Oh great! That would be awesome.

Agent: Perfect Sarah. Thank you for providing us with all the details. Have a great day.

Phone scripts are essential for real estate lead follow up and qualification. Use the ones in this article as a starting point, customize them for your market and situation, print them out, memorize them, and make sure to follow them religiously!

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