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Essential Real Estate Scripts for Realtors

By / March 01, 2021

Do you have the right real estate scripts? If no, then this post gives you an assortment of scripts to effectively qualify inbound and outbound leads.


Real estate agents are always looking to boost their sales and convert more leads than ever. It is because the numbers at the end of the month are everything and agents are ready to put every tool and human intelligence behind to get those figures. 

One of the pivotal must-haves in that assortment of tools is real estate scripts. 

Believe it or not, the right script for the right lead can become a game changer for real estate agents to not only convert more clients but also train their teams in becoming more effective to boost lead conversion. 

Irrespective of the lead conversion edge that scripts provide, we know from our experience that real estate scripts cannot be “one size fits all”. 

An FSBO or an inbound seller lead is not the same despite both being seller leads. A Facebook lead may need more phone calls than a portal lead despite both acquired online. 

So, how do you find patterns that allow you to come up with the right script for the right type of lead? Here’s what we are going to discuss in this post.  

In this post, we categorize leads into Inbound and Outbound leads. We then try to look into the primary motivation of these leads and craft the scripts. 

If you are in hurry, you can download these scripts below and refer them whenever you want.

Inbound and Outbound Leads

When we consider lead acquisition, we instantly have two types of leads, inbound and outbound. 

When it comes to targeting, inbound leads are far easier to target due to the fact that we know about them a lot already. 

However, what matters here is the channel of acquisition. It is because leads acquired from portals such as Zillow and Trulia are more serious and may convert faster without many follow ups. On the other hand, Facebook, Google, and Website leads may need more follow ups in general. 

Let’s look into 3 primary types of inbound leads and their scripts. 

Inbound leads:

Inbound leads could be acquired from 3 major sources. These are

  • Portal. Leads acquired from Zillow, Trulia, and other websites. 
  • Google. Leads generated from Google AdWords.
  • Facebook. Leads generated from Facebook ads.

A killer script to qualify inbound leads must dig into the value proposition that the agent must provide to the leads. Additionally, your scripts should focus on creating urgency and create scarcity for these leads to act as quickly as possible. 

A simple way to represent this would be:



What do they want?
  • Value of how much their home can sell for and the timeline (strategy)
  • Can you help them find their dream house?
  • What value can you add in terms of education (things that I do not know)
What should you make them do?
  • Convince them to conduct an open home.
  • Show them and Convince of scarcity and limited time for their budget.

A lot of agents are also relying on texting to qualify inbound leads these days. Texting is discreet and easily avoids hurdles faced during calling such as reaching voicemail of the lead and much more.

Scripts for Buyer Leads acquired from Facebook, Google, and Websites:

Facebook leads are not the first choice for many real estate agents as these leads require multiple follow ups to even warm them up.  

The perfect script for Facebook leads must focus on digging up their true intent. Look, if they are serious about buying a property. If they know about the neighborhoods and the house type they are interested in, it may be worth engaging them further.  

Buyer: Hello?

Agent: Hey Erica, This is Josh from ABC reality. I saw you have submitted your inquiry on our Facebook ad. Would you mind letting me know about the types of homes you are looking for?

Buyer: We are looking for a single family home

Agent: Ok. I also wanted to know if you have a preferred location as well?

Buyer: Yeah, We were thinking of the suburbs of San Diego. 

Agent: Cool. And what is the price range that you have in mind?

Buyer: We have a budget of300-350k. Can stretch it to another 50K-70K.

Agent: Great. We have a lot of listings going on in that price range now. And talking about options, what are the 2-3 features that are important to you?  

Buyer:  We would prefer a duplex with 4-5 beds and independent baths.

Agent: Sounds great. And by when you want to move?

Buyer: Um..   by the end of this summer.

Agent: Ok. And lastly, have you spoken to a lender yet?

Buyer: No.

Agent: Alright. We can introduce you to some local ones who are great at their jobs.

Buyer: Oh great! That would be awesome.

Agent: Perfect Erica. Thank you for providing us with all the details. Have a great day.

You can use this script to qualify website and Google leads as well. These leads have a similar degree of commitment as Facebook leads and the script should just work fine with them as well. 

For a lot of agents, portal leads are the only type of online leads they want to deal with. This is because both buyer and seller leads coming from portals such as Zillow and Trulia are quite further into the sales funnel. These leads know what they want and agents should move quickly to conduct an open house as soon as possible. 

Scripts for Seller Leads from Portals:

Seller: Hello?

Agent: Hello Erica, I see that you inquired about a home valuation of your home located at 543 Church St. I had a couple of clarifications I wanted to ask here so I thought I’d reach out.

Seller: Oh yes, Sure go ahead.

Agent: And have there been any updates to your home that could potentially change its market value?

Seller: None as far as I know

Agent:  Got it. Was the square footage on Zillow accurate with your measure?

Seller: Yes, we measured 2,125 sq ft. of living space and 4,800 sq ft for the property.

Agent: Got it, by when are you looking to sell your home? Do you have a timeline in mind?

Seller: Umm.. maybe in 4-5 months by the end of this fall.

Agent: That sounds great. Ok, Sarah one last question, What is the price range you are expecting from your property.

Seller: Around 185k to 200k.

Agent: Perfect Erica! I will get to work on all of this for you. Are you free to chat on Wednesday around 2p?

Seller: Sure!

Agent: Great! I am on top of this one!

Scripts for Buyer Leads from Portals:

Buyer: Hello?

Agent: Hello Erica I see that you have dropped in an inquiry to be contacted about 543 Church St. I wanted to share some information about the property but had a couple of quick questions first

Buyer: Oh okay, sure

Agent: Before I proceed, I wanted to ask you are you already working with an agent?

Buyer: No not yet

Agent: Ok great! Is this property located in your ideal area?

Buyer: Yes

Agent: Sounds good, and are you comfortable with the price point of this property?

Buyer: Umm … I think so, we still need to run our budgets

Agent:  Awesome! Ok, last question from me here, have you spoken to a lender yet?

Buyer: No

Agent: No problem! We can get you connected with our preferred lender.

Outbound Leads

Outbound leads can be acquired from multiple sources starting from MLS listings, postcard marketing and driving around a neighborhood, etc. Overall, there are 3 types of leads that could be categorized as outbound leads. These are:

  • Expireds. Listings by sellers that are no longer live or have expired. 
  • FSBOs. Are listings that are listed by owners themselves to sell their property.
  • Postcards. Seller Leads acquired from postcard marketing.

We are applying the same idea to create the perfect scripts for these outbound leads. 




What do they want?
  • Want to sell themselves or want to know if you can give them the best price
  • A trustworthy agent
  • Someone who can get them a profitable deal
What should you make them do?
  • Dig up bad experiences
  • Build trust
  • Make them believe you will give them the best price
  • Why the home did not sell
  • What was the last agent like?
  • What is your ideal agent profile?

When you are dealing with FSBO leads you should focus on the past experience of the seller. It is possible that the seller might have had an unpleasant experience with the former agent. 

Some sellers could also be stingy and may not be looking to hire a real estate agent to sell their homes to avoid paying them the agent’s commission. 

This is why it is important to first dig up information and then convince them that you are going to add value and get them the best deal.

A perfect script for FSBO leads should sound like this.

Script for FSBO Leads:

Seller: Hello?

Agent: Hi Erica, My name is Josh. I am calling from ABC reality. I have called to let you know about some potential buyers that could be interested in your property.  So would be mind giving me a few details?

Seller: Sure!

Agent: Ok, what's your offer price for this property? 

Seller: Around $350 000

Agent: That is a competitive price point. And would you mind telling me if you are talking to agents to help you out with the sale?

Seller: Yes! I would like to work with an agent if they can sell it for at least 350k or above.

Agent: Sure. I can definitely help you with that. But before I do, I would need to discuss a few things in person with you.

Seller: Ok. That’s fine.

Agent: Sound good! So shall I block 2:30-3:30 for Thursday afternoon?

Seller: Yes, that would be great. 

Agent: Thank you. Speak to you on Thursday! 

Because postcard leads are similar to FSBOs you can use the same scripts for postcard leads as well. 

If the seller doesn't want to sell with the help of an agent, you should focus on proposing your value. The script can go like this instead:

Seller: Hello?

Agent: Hi Erica, My name is Josh. I am calling from ABC reality. I have called you to let you know that I have some buyers that could be interested in your property.  So would be mind giving me a few details?

Seller: Sure!

Agent: Ok, what's your offer price for this property? 

Seller: Around $350000

Agent: That is a competitive price point. And would you mind telling me if you are talking to agents to help you out with the sale?

Seller: No!

Agent: Oh! Ok. May I ask you the reason?

Seller: Well, they are not really helpful in getting the right buyers, and on top of that their commissions do not make sense to me.  

Agent: I understand that you had a bad experience and might have a bad image of agents.

However, all I am asking is, if you allow me to sit down with you for some time so that I can let you know some important information and share some exclusive knowledge to help you get the right price for the property, it would be great. 

Seller: Okay. 

Agent: Sounds great! So shall I block 2:30-3:30 for Thursday afternoon?

Seller: Yes, that would be great. 

Agent: Thank you. Speak to you on Thursday! 

Script for Expireds:

Expireds are the toughest leads to persuade into sales. There could be a myriad of reasons that the owner has not been able to make a sale. It is likely that they had a bad experience with the last agent or disappointment about the proposed market value of the home. 

There are a lot of chances that you are going to talk to a defiant owner and your script must be fine tuned to get to the problem and position yourself to be a problem solver. 

A killer expired script is a combination of empathy along with marketing your skills as a neighborhood expert. 

Here’s an example: 

Seller: Hello!

Agent: Hi Erica, this is Josh from ABC reality. I just noticed that your listing is not there anymore. I wanted to know what exactly happened? Given the rising valuation, it seems odd to see your listing removed. 

Seller: Well, the last agent we worked with said that we are overvaluing the property so it did not go far. Agents are more concerned about their commissions I guess. 

Agent: I understand you did not have a great experience and I am here to correct that. But before I do, may I know your deadline to sell this property and move to the new one?

Seller: By this fall mostly. 

Agent: Ok understood. And would you mind giving me some details about the buyers and deals they bought for your property? What were the price points and why none of them could end in a sale?

Seller:  [Answers with details]  

Agent: Ok. I understand Erica that you have a certain perception about agents and that is what I want to address first. I have been selling properties in this neighborhood for more than 10 years now. Can you give me some time this week to explain what I can bring to the table and really add value that your previous agent could not?  

Seller: Sure. I can give that a try. 

Agent: Sounds awesome! So can I block an hour on Friday starting at 3 o'clock in the afternoon? 

Seller: Yeah, that would do!

Seller: Great. Let’s speak on Friday.

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