How to Go About Your Real Estate Video Marketing Strategy?

By / July 13, 2020

Real estate video marketing is mainstream now. In this post, we mention 8 video types that can be easily created and used to market your business.

We all would agree to the fact that real estate marketing is quite visual in nature. Buyers prefer to have a thorough look at the property before they even decide to schedule an open home. This is where opportunities for video marketing come to the picture.

While videos are highly effective for real estate marketing, making quality videos could be time consuming and expensive. Unlike high quality pictures that are easy to produce, compile and upload, videos require some serious technical and artistic skills to produce. 

Besides that, there are numerous types of videos that are targeted towards certain parts of the funnel. Agents must be able to handpick the right video types that are easy to create, scalable, and serve their marketing goals at the same time. In other words, you must be sure that you are investing your resources and time in creating the right type of videos for your business. But rest assured, agents can go for video marketing without spending a fortune and being quite effective at it at the same time. This is what we will discuss in this post.

We will start by stating the objective of video marketing for each stage of the sales funnel and list 14 video types that are commonly used in video marketing for real estate. We will pick 8 video types based on their importance, ease of creation, and scalability. So without further ado, let’s get started. 

Goals of Video Marketing for Respective Stages of the Funnel

Video marketing messages are created with the same philosophy as we create messages for other channels. The three stage funnel rule applies to videos as well.

Video marketing goals for Upper Funnel Leads

  • Help them push further from the dream state
  • Generate interest in properties w.r.t features and neighborhood
  • Keep in touch

Video marketing goals for Mid Funnel Leads

  • Educate the audience using videos for the neighborhood, local business, mortgage etc.

Video marketing goals for Lower Funnel Leads 

  • Establish your credibility with testimonials and corporate videos.
  • Keep in touch 

Now that we know the objectives of video marketing for the respective stages, let’s jot down the most common video types frequently used in real estate marketing. 

14 Video Types Used Frequently in Real Estate

  • Listing Videos. These videos showcase the property aesthetically and are often directed towards the top and middle funnel leads. Listing videos should look professional and require expertise to create.
    • Part of the funnel served - Top and Middle of the Funnel
  • Interview/Testimonials. Client interviews or testimonials are widely used by agents. They can be easily produced using a smartphone. You can also seek professional help if you wish to create high quality videos. These videos are great to persuade your bottom of the funnel leads.
    • Part of the funnel served - Bottom of the Funnel
  • Live Stream QnA. Live stream QnA is effective across the funnel including listing tours, live conferences, and also answers queries for real estate buyers. You can also broadcast live QnA webinars using Facebook or apps such as Periscope.
    • Part of the funnel served - Middle and Bottom of the Funnel
  • Blog Post Recap Videos. If you publish blogs actively, you can create blog recap videos using the headings and subheadings. You can upload these videos on Youtube and link them back to the blog for SEO benefits.
    • Part of the funnel served - Top of the Funnel
  • Advice for Seller/ Buyer Videos. These videos mostly feature an expert or agent giving tips and tricks for home buyers and sellers to get the best deals. These videos can talk about mortgage, home valuation, finding the right lender, and so on.
    • Part of the funnel served - Middle of the Funnel
  • Special Offer. Special offer videos can be about offering a special type of content in return for contact details of prospective sellers and buyers. You can offer an ebook or a blog recap on a separate landing page.
    • Part of the funnel served - Top and Middle of the Funnel 
  • Local Business Review. These videos showcase restaurants, bakeries, and other businesses in the neighborhood to pique buyer’s curiosity. It is better if these videos are created by professionals.
    • Part of the funnel served - Middle of the Funnel 
  • Neighborhood Videos. Neighborhood features such as schools, parks, hospitals are important factors that influence the buyer’s decision. Videos to showcase these features. However, we recommend professional help here as well.
    • Part of the funnel served - Middle of the Funnel
  • Brand Promotion. These are short video clips often featured on youtube pages or websites on autoplay. They provide a quick glimpse of your company to highlight the trustworthiness of your business.
    • Part of the funnel served - Bottom of the Funnel
  • Whiteboard. Popularized by Rand Fishkin of Moz, Whiteboard videos could be descriptive in nature. The videos are descriptive and covers a wide perspective to educate both top and mid funnel leads.
    • Part of the funnel served - Top and Middle of the Funnel
  • Market Update. Short videos that are mostly targeted towards sellers most of the time. These videos can be made using PPTs and then recording the session as you present them.
    • Part of the funnel served - Middle of the Funnel
  • Listicle Videos. These videos help your leads solve problems such as finding a lender or getting rid of a low FICO score. Listicle videos are easy to create and can target a wide spectrum of leads.
    • Part of the funnel served - Top and Middle of the Funnel
  • Office Culture. Office culture videos are meant to showcase your brand by illustrating your company values and culture. They are meant to create trust among your base of customers.
    • Part of the funnel served - Bottom of the Funnel 
  • Event Videos. These are mostly live videos shot by agents or professionals attending real estate conferences. These videos are targeted towards brand building to drive trust for engaged leads.
    • Part of the funnel served - Bottom of the Funnel

While these video types are common, it is not possible for you to produce all of them. We will help you choose the ones that are effective to qualify and convert leads but also easy to produce within a small budget. 

We have chosen a total of 8 video types across all three stages of the real estate sales funnel. 

Video Types for Upper Funnel Leads

  • Listing Videos. You can produce these videos yourself to highlight property features. Use mild music and subtle narration. If you want these videos to be well made, it is best to seek professional assistance. Listing videos can be published on Youtube or Vimeo and can be distributed using drip email campaigns or blasts. 
  • Blog Recap Videos. Blog recap videos are the easiest to create. Recap your blog post in a PPT. Use tools such as Powtoons or Vyond to record the slideshow. You can also use narration over the video recorded in your own voice. Similar to listing videos, you can publish blog recap videos on youtube and then share them on our social channels. You can also use them within monthly newsletters to keep your client base engaged. 
  • Listicles. Listicle videos can be a great tool to nurture mid funnel clients. As the name suggests, listicle videos are mostly a list of things that address the problem at hand. You can cover topics such as how to get a cheaper mortgage, how to find a good lender etc. with listicle videos. 

They can be created in the same fashion as blog recap videos and distributed using drip email campaigns targeted at respective lead segments. 

Video Types for Middle of Funnel Leads

  • Neighborhood/Local business Review. Like listing videos they are effective in educating leads. These videos may contain visuals from a neighborhood, it’s neighborhood features such as parks, libraries along with local bakeries, shops, restaurants, and so on. Depending on your skills, decide if you would make them yourself or seek professional help. One of the ways to make these videos is to click high quality pictures and create a slideshow out of that. But remember that you may need a professional camera, editing software, voice recorder, and stock music to really do it well. You can publish these videos on Youtube or Vimeo and embed them on the listing website. You can use tools like Bombbomb to distribute them through email.
  • Market Update Videos. These videos are great to pique curiosity and stay in touch without being salesy at the same time. You can pull recent reports from your MLS and make a PPT. Use Powtoons to animate and make a catchy video out of that. These videos are best distributed using Bombbomb as they do not have much SEO benefits. 
  • Advice for Buyers and Sellers. These videos are targeted at the common problems faced by a majority of buyers and sellers. You can make “How to” videos on topics similar to listicles using live streaming on Youtube and Facebook. You can use these videos for SEO benefits and publish them on youtube with timestamps and description.

Video Types for Bottom of the Funnel Leads

  • Interview / Testimonials. Interviews and testimonials are great video types to build trust for your brand name. These videos can be done either professionally or can be shot by the client themselves. A lot of video testimonials these days are shot by Smartphones. Interview and testimonial videos can be showcased on your website and distributed within email footers.
  • Office Culture Videos. These videos are best to convince and establish your brand name for leads that are not very far from the transaction. Office videos are fundamentally created as a part of boosting your brand name and helps the bottom of the funnel lead to convert and sign the deal.  

Video marketing for your real estate business can be a game changer. If you nail the targeting and scaling part of video production, you may create a reliable medium to qualify and convert leads. 

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