Product Update: Revamped Aiva Mobile App Experience

By / July 19, 2019

Introducing a completely revamped mobile app experience to help Aiva customers stay more productive on the go and convert more real estate leads

Aiva is constantly evolving as we add functionality and workflows to improve your experience. We frequently release product updates, some larger than others, and all of these updates are aimed at increasing productivity and lead conversion for our customers.

This past month, our engineering team has been hard at work updating the Aiva mobile experience. Specifically expect a brand new Aiva mobile experience that now also shows you your landline leads and leads that have been taken over. In addition, our Aiva Android app has a more native look-and-feel that should feel a little more familiar to our Android customers.

Updated Leads Page

Your leads page now has color coding to help you easily spot leads that are interested and those that are not. In addition, you can now see your landline leads as well on the mobile app.

Better Lead Filtering

Filter your leads to focus on specific categories of leads that you want to engage including those that have been Taken Over.

Improved Conversation Formatting

We’ve redesigned the lead conversation screen to feel more natural and intuitive to follow along. You can also Call or Stop Contact with the lead directly from the conversation screen at any time.

If you haven’t yet installed the Aiva mobile app, you can grab the latest version from the App Store and Google Play!

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