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Scripts for Your Real Estate ISA

By / July 30, 2020

Are you looking for scripts to train your ISAs? Here's a collection of real estate scripts your ISA can use to qualify your leads.

Training your ISA is essential to get the desired results out of them. But there is something else that must be added into the mix for success. It is real estate scripts for your ISAs. Scripts play an important role in boosting the confidence of your inside sales agent to face real estate leads from day one. Using scripts tailored to lead type ensures effective communication and scalable workflows. 

Real estate ISAs may find themselves across a multitude of situations based on their nature, qualification, and the platform the lead is acquired from. This makes it quite challenging for ISAs to manage all of them without exclusive scripts. 

We shall all agree that the lead type is the prime determinant that defines the purchase or selling intent of the lead. Hence, in this post, we will give you a list of ISA scripts to qualify leads based on their lead type.

ISA Script for Voicemail

It is not a fact unknown that a majority of calls go to voicemail making it becomes imperative for ISAs to have exclusive scripts for voicemails. While sending a voicemail message, the intent should be set on generating a response back fro the lead(s). 

A sample script for voicemails can look like this. 

Hi Sarah. This is John. I received a request about 345 Church St, a 3 bed, 2 bath property from you that is listed on our website. We get a lot of requests for that property and it is one of the hottest in that neighborhood. I have some important information about the property you should know about.

Feel free to call me at 123-456-7890 at your convenience. Have an awesome day!

Besides calling these leads, you should also text these leads. Text messages have more than 95% open rates, making sure that the message has indeed reached and seen on the other end. 

ISA Script for Buyer leads

Buyers are an elusive bunch of people who are hard to pin down. Your ISA should be aware that a buyer may be working with more than one agent. This is why your ISA should be able to fetch some basic information about buyer leads and scripts are the way to do that. 

Buyer: Hello?

ISA: Hello Sarah I see that you have dropped in an inquiry to be contacted about 345 Church St. I had some important info about the property that I can share if you can answer a few questions. 

Buyer: Oh okay, sure!

ISA: Before I go further, I wanted to confirm if you are working with an agent already?

Buyer: No not yet.

ISA: Ok great! Is this property located in your ideal area?

Buyer: Yes

ISA: Sounds good, and are you comfortable with the price point of this property?

Buyer: Umm … I think so, we still need to run our budgets

ISA:  Awesome! Ok, last question from me here, have you spoken to a lender yet?

Buyer: No

ISA: No problem! We can get our preferred lender to work for you. 

ISA Script for Seller Leads

Seller leads are different from buyers leads. They are motivated to get the maximum sale value out of their property and in the shortest time possible. Your ISA should inquire about these things in the call. It is also necessary to find out if the seller has invested money to renovate the property as it will likely affect the valuation in the end.

A sample script for you ISAs to qualify seller leads

Seller: Hello?

ISA: Hello Daniel, I see that you inquired about  345 Church St. I am reaching out to you to clarify a few things.  

Seller: Oh yes, Please go ahead.

ISA: And have there been any renovations to your property that could potentially change its market value?

Seller: None as far as I know.

ISA:  Got it. Was the square footage on Zillow accurate with your measure?

Seller: Yes, we measured 3,125 sqft of living space and 5,245 sqft for the property.

ISA: Got it, Do you have a timeline in mind? By when you are looking to sell your home? 

Seller: Umm.. maybe in 3-4 months by the end of this summer.

ISA: That’s great. Ok, Sarah one last question, What is the price range you are expecting from your property.

Seller: Around 220k to 270k.

ISA: Perfect Daniel! Are you free to chat on Tuesday around 3p?

Seller: Sure!

ISA: Great! Speak then

ISA Script for Website Leads

The majority of real estate agents have their own websites to generate leads. A lot of them also run Facebook ads to attract buyers. 

One of the major differences between Zillow leads and leads acquired from Facebook or websites is their depth of qualification. Facebook and website leads are not as qualified as leads acquired from conventional channels such as Zillow. Hence, it becomes imperative to ascertain a few things when it comes to qualifying these leads. 

ISAs should confirm if the lead is serious about buying or not, what type of listings are they looking for and what is the buying timeline? It is also important to know if their credit score is good enough to go ahead. 

A sample script for you ISAs to qualify website and Facebook leads

Buyer: Hello?

ISA: Hey Josh, I am Eric from XYZ reality. I saw you have submitted your inquiry on our website/Facebook ad. May I know what type of homes you are looking for?

Buyer: We are looking for a single family home

ISA: Awesome. I also wanted to know if you have a specific location in mind

Buyer: Yeah, we are looking at something near downtown Chicago

ISA: Cool. And what is the price range that you have in mind?

Buyer: I am expecting 250-270k. 300k max.

ISA: Great. That’s a practical price range. You will get a lot of options for sure. And talking about options, what are some features important to you?  

Buyer:  We would prefer a duplex with 4-5 beds and independent baths.

ISA: Sounds great. And by when you want to move?

Buyer: Mostly by the end of this summer.

ISA: Ok. And lastly, have you spoken to a lender yet?

Buyer: No.

ISA: Alright. We can introduce you to some local ones who are great at their jobs.

Buyer: Oh great! That would be awesome.

ISA: Perfect Josh. Thank you for providing us with all the details. Have a great day.

We hope you found these scripts useful for your ISAs to qualify your incoming leads. If you are facing a low qualification rate for calls, you may text your leads instead. Read our previous post to gain more insights into texting for lead qualification.

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